China Telecom Guangdong, Huawei build the Greater Bay Area's first 400G all-Optical premium transmission network

China Telecom Guangdong, Huawei build the Greater Bay Area's first 400G all-Optical premium transmission network

Recently, China Telecom Guangdong and Huawei have jointly built the first 400G all-optical premium transmission network in the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area.

They deployed advanced all-optical cross-connect OXC, ultra-high-speed 400G, automatically switched optical network (ASON), and iMaster NCE solution to provide Shaoguan, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen with high-quality transmission network featuring ultra-low latency, ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-high reliability, superior intelligence, and green and low carbon development.

This helps the Shaoguan cluster at the national hub provide superior computing power for the Greater Bay Area, and in doing so drives the high-quality and high-speed digital economy growth in the area.

Through this network, the superior computing power of Shaoguan cluster can be deeply integrated with the digital industry in the Greater Bay Area. In this way, high-quality transport network can connect the computing power resources to where they are most needed, ensuring enterprise users have smooth access to computing resources.

This makes it convenient for the users to access to computing power and empowers various industries. The network has the following features:

1. Ultra-low latency: Using the ROADM architecture that integrates two-level backbone networks and advanced all-optical cross-connect OXC, China Telecom Guangdong built a 3 ms latency circle in the Greater Bay Area, and a 5 ms latency circle covering South China, Guangdong, and Hong Kong. The network can quickly connect multiple provinces and autonomous regions, such as Hunan, Guangxi, Fujian, and Jiangxi, making computing power instantly-accessible and ensuring ultra-low latency for enterprise users. 

2. Ultra-high bandwidth: China Telecom Guangdong introduced the single-wavelength 400G technology, with the single-fibre capacity reaching 48 Tbit/s and the per-bit cost continuously reduced. By doing so, the operator expects to achieve smooth transmission of massive data between enterprises and computing centers through the enhanced high-speed data transport network. 

3.Ultra-high reliability: China Telecom Guangdong deployed ASON on a 100G/400G hybrid transport network that achieves a service protection switching duration of less than 50 ms. When multiple fibre cuts occur on the network, the restoration path can be automatically found. In addition, the service availability rate exceeds 99.999%, ensuring uninterrupted computing services.

4. Superior intelligence: China Telecom Guangdong deployed the iMaster NCE transport capacity map to digitize transport capacity resources such as sites, optical fibers, bandwidth, and availability, achieving real-time visualization of network information. Leveraging the multi-factor path computation algorithm involving factors such as bandwidth, latency, and number of hops, the network generates the most appropriate computing node based on the enterprise's computing power requirements, and recommends the optimal path between users and computing power.

5. Green and low-carbon: In collaboration with Huawei, China Telecom Guangdong adheres to the principle of "low-carbon telecommunications and green development", reduces energy usage and emissions, and continuously explores low-carbon and environmentally friendly communications solutions. OXC devices are deployed at core nodes to reduce device footprint by 90% and power consumption by 60%, promoting the construction of green networks.

As one of the eight computing hubs in China's east-to-west computing resource transfer project, Shaoguan cluster will provide real-time computing power for major cities in the Great Bay Area, such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, South China as a whole, and indeed the entire country.

Shaoguan cluster is expected to become a world-class computing infrastructure cluster by 2025. With this all-optical premium transmission network, China Telecom Guangdong will provide computing services with deterministic experience for various industries, greatly improving user experience. For example, after cloud rendering is complete for online cloud VR education, data can be quickly transmitted to end users through ms-level latency circles. Such low latency ensures users do not suffer from VR motion sickness.

In scenarios such as "Eastern Data, Western Storage" and "Eastern Data, Western Training", dozens of TB of data can be quickly transmitted to hub clusters thanks to the ultra-high bandwidth. Smart factories can be connected to the industrial cloud through highly-reliable 24/7 uninterrupted connections to support cloud-based quality inspection and flexible manufacturing.

The computing power era is already upon us. Dedicated to innovation and development, China Telecom Guangdong deployed the first 400G all-optical premium transmission network in the Greater Bay Area. China Telecom Guangdong also leverages the powerful all-optical foundation to provide ubiquitous high-quality transport capacity and help Shaoguan cluster become a real-time computing center that can provide computing power for the Greater Bay Area, the whole of South China, and even the entire country.

In the future, China Telecom Guangdong will continue to provide network services with ultimate experience for enterprises in the Greater Bay Area, and enable digital transformation in sectors including industry, agriculture, and services using computing power so as to drive the digital economy growth in the area.


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